Company Name: Infosmart Systems Inc
Job Designation: DevOps Engineer
Qualification: Masters degree in Computer Sci
Job Description:


Infosmart Systems, Inc. is looking for DevOps Engineers to work in Frisco, TX & various unanticipated locations in the U.S. Must have Master’s Degree* in Computer Science , MIS or related field and experience in: (1) Continuous Integration Tools, including Jenkins, Anthill Pro, Azure Devops; (2) Implementing/adapting to release/change management process; (3) Building deployment solutions for Scrum; & (4) Use of SCA Fortify and Lithium Static & Dynamic scanning tools, GIT, and SVN version control systems.  * In lieu of Master’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree plus 5 yrs.  of exp. will be acceptable. Send resumes to  REF 5074.038.


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