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Rapid growth demands equally rapid scalability. In the current economic climate, businesses need to be flexible in order to acquire opportunities for growth. However, gaining such flexibility is easier said than done. We can help. Leverage InfoSmart’s Workforce Solution & Management to reduce cost and mitigate risk. Get expert insights into your current contingent workforce model and identify opportunities to cut expenditure, enforce policies and maximize returns. We are not only here to provide technical resources, InfoSmart’s Workforce Solution & Management program extends a wealth of other services at your fingertips. We are here to partner with you, we are your network of services and solutions designed to make your load a little lighter.

Today, Enterprises, both large and medium sized, are operating in an environment where speed, flexibility and technology are defining growth. Enterprises are often hindered by business software systems that are inflexible, poorly integrated and expensive to maintain. This is a serious impediment to remaining competitive and agile. Some of the Key Strategic and Operational challenges that Enterprises face today are : InfoSmart as a solution provider assures highest level of Service & Technical Support, the exact opposite can be applied to the Box Shifters of our industry (Dedicated e-tailors and Mail Order Companies) - but inferior quality and support.

Commitment to our clients is on an on-going basis, providing support and service. InfoSmart Systems maintains absolute quality, and professionalism in all business activities.

  • Optimize supply chain planning and execution
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce overhead costs

At InfoSmart, we can help:


InfoSmart provides comprehensive Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) to the client that includes Application Management, Asset Management, Server Hosting and Management and Technical Helpdesk. The customer realized about 40% cost savings while experiencing significant improvements in the quality of customer service.

Whether you are a highly qualified IT System or Network Manager for a large National Firm or a small startup business seeking assistance for hardware / software installation, InfoSmart has the knowledge, infrastructure, products and services you need.

The IT (sales) industry is predominantly split into two halves - 'Solution Providers' and 'Box Shifters'. InfoSmart as a solution provider assures highest level of Service & and Technical Support, the exact opposite can be applied to the Box Shifters of our industry (Dedicated e-tailors and Mail Order Companies) - but inferior quality and support.

Our ongoing commitment to our clients is support and service with excellence. InfoSmart Systems constantly strives for absolute quality and professionalism in all business activities.

Whether you are installing a new network system or extending an existing, we offer a range of cabling and installation services, and always with flexibility. We can deliver, install and configure your complete system, ready for use. To ensure total peace of mind at all times, we offer and provide exemplary system support. We offer packages designed to be cost effective and give your company the right level of support. This may be in the form of a separate hardware or software support contracts, or a total care / maintenance agreement. Being attentive to the systems most critical to your operating environment is our Number One priority. We make sure all aspects of your network system are covered in this way.

  • Network Performance Tuning:
    Our engineers are available to carry out network performance testing to establish where problems may exist or where improvements in network performance need to be, and can be, achieved.
  • Performance analysis, health checks and tuning:
    Regular health checks and performance analysis are vital to keep a system running at its optimum level. This service is available from InfoSmart on an ad-hoc, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly contractual basis. End user PC Support, training and support for desktop applications including MS Office suite and other office applications.