Software Consulting

InfoSmart knows the importance of staying at the forefront of technology and applying it to our clients' needs. Being a progressive player in the industry not only helps our clients reach their objectives, but it also positions our company as a leader in diversity and meeting the technology challenges. InfoSmart Systems is now known as ‘the smart choice for technical resources” because the industry recognizes InfoSmart’s ability to consistently provide high-level solutions and highly-skilled consultants in today's emerging technologies. We provide on-site consultants to work on a time-and-material basis or on a fixed-cost project. Depending on your needs, we find the right consultant with the right experience to handle jobs ranging from Entry level Programmers to Senior level Architects.

Our Comprehensive solutions and services range across business functions including strategy level, solution evaluation and acquisition, requirements scoping, development and implementation, roll-out and user training, hands-on support during go-live and ongoing support. Our industry services provide solutions to industry specific challenges with specialized experience and expertise. Our industry consultants possess experience in Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Energy and Utility Industries. We work in conjunction with you, and the operations team assigned to your account, to make automation recommendations and assist in solution implementation.

Our commitment to open standards ensures that an organization benefits from flexible solutions that can be easily adapted to accommodate specific requirements or processes. Our consultants are skilled communicators with extensive experience and a thorough understanding of best practices in real-time, as well as, advanced software development and systems engineering. Together, with our customers, we carefully gather requirements and develop comprehensive programs that can be effectively implemented and easily managed in collaboration with the project team. InfoSmart’s goal is to ensure that client requirements are met with superior quality and within in the desired timeframe. It is this unique approach and strong commitment to quality and service that set us apart and assures a company they’ve made the smart choice in choosing InfoSmart for their software and systems engineering solutions.

Our core consulting capabilities include:

  • Application Definition and Architecture
  • Prototyping: Pre-study and Pilot Projects
  • Process and Methodology Improvement and Definition
  • Requirements, Information and Knowledge Management
  • Software Testing
  • Project Management
  • Target Integration
  • Application Development
  • Tool Environment Integration
  • Project Analysis
  • Implementation Planning
  • Lifecycle Model Customization
  • Code Migration
  • On-site Support and Training

InfoSmart introduces concepts and then demonstrate how they work in practice. As a Provider of Technical Relationship Management Services, and a technical focal point to address all technology inquiries, our team can help you in these critical areas:

  • Achieve reduced operational risk by reducing manual processing
  • Improve the timeliness of information delivery
  • Enhance your access to data
  • Streamline integration between primary and downstream applications
  • Access more complete, accurate and timely information to make better-informed decisions.