Quality practices at InfoSmart effectively connect the right resources with the right process tools at each stage of project life cycle. Rigorous implementation of this Quality Management System helps in benchmarking against the best efforts each time and sets the pace for consistency in performance.

Quality initiative and improvement is a continuous process. The more time and effort spent in the process, the more mature it becomes. This unstinted adherence to process improvement holds a special key to our own existence and growth.

It is imperative that the business process is supported with the highest service levels, which brings about the need for maintenance activities ranging from corrective to adaptive maintenance.

Outsourcing the maintenance to service providers with predefined service level agreements (SLA) that mandate metrics gives our clients peace of mind that the system is managed with maximum efficiency.

The InfoSmart goal is to create an interface for translating current technologies into functional solutions that embed and integrate themselves effortlessly into clients existing business processes.

Customer Satisfaction:

InfoSmart is widely recognized as one of the premier IT Training companies. We make ongoing investment in all aspects of our service provision, ensuring that the training delivered is of the highest standards known in the industry today.

100% Customer Satisfaction Garanteed:

At the completion of every course, we ask delegates to complete a post-course evaluation, so that we can continually monitor our performance and ensure that we fulfil the needs and expectations of our traineess.