Company Name: Infosmart Systems Inc
Job Designation: Software Developer
Qualification: BSCS, MIS or any engineering f
Job Description:

Software Developer Design Enterprise Data Warehouse and Datamart. Design source data access across various IBM Websphere Datastage.  MSCS, MIS, or any engineering field and 12 months of related exp.  Will accept BSCS, MIS or any engineering field and 5 years of related exp.  Experience must include data model, Datamart, IBM Webshpere, Datastage, & SQL Server.  Employer accepts any

suitable combination of education, training, or experience as alternative requirements. Job Loc: Plano, TX.8am-5pm, Mon-Fri. Employer: Infosmart Systems, Inc. $81,016/year. Send resume to Recruitment and Employment Office, Infosmart Systems, Inc. Attn: Job Ref #: INF27653, P.O. Box 56625, Atlanta, GA 30343

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